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Street Diesel Power's Transmission Expertise

Posted on 21 February 2015

Diesel transmissions are asked to take tons of abuse.  Whether daily driving, towing or racing, they must rise up to withstand 900, 1500 or 2000 ft/lb of torque.  10,000 or 15,000 lbs on a trailer or full throttle runs down a race track.

Unfortunately, transmissions intimidate people.  There are hundreds of parts that go into one and precise timing and control is needed to make it work properly.  Some of the most knowledgeable engine builders I have talked to would not touch an automatic transmission.  In speaking with hundreds of customers, they all had one thing in common - they did not know the right questions to ask to get the transmission they needed.

Before spending $4,000 or $9,000 on a built transmission, there are some things to know.  First, the shop or retail outlet you are talking to may know less about built transmissions than you do.  I cannot count how many times a customer came to us with a "built" transmission. Yet, we find out it had a reman'd torque converter with OEM clutches, stock pump and valve body.  And it cost more than a built unit from a reputable builder.  With a worse warranty.  

Second, quality costs money.  As the saying goes, "Pay now or later, the choice is yours."  If your diesel is stock - and will never see power adders - an OEM rebuild can (and I stress 'can') be a viable choice.  Anything over stock power requires key upgrades, otherwise, you are throwing money away.  Street Diesel Power's expertise can make sure you get a built transmission not only good for today's power, but tomorrow's upgrades.

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