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If You Don't Have a Cummins, You Don't Have a Real Diesel

Posted on 08 May 2016

We all have that one friend - you know the one who thinks if a truck doesn't have a Cummins, then it sucks.  But are they right?

We talk to hundreds of truck owners a week. Any diesel from the mid 80’s on comes across our social media messages or phone lines.  6.5’s, 6.9/7.3 IDI’s, Duramax, Powerstoke and Cummins owners look to us for answers.  Do we see zero issues with the 5.9L/6.7L Cummins?

If we listen to that one friend, Cummins engines aren't built - they are born from fire and brimstone.  Chiseled from perfection to find their way between the fenders of a 1989-2016 Dodge/Ram truck.  Powerstrokes and Duramax engines?  They are ticking time bombs they say.

Cummins engines can take use and abuse.  Throw some ARP studs on the head, add air and fuel, and hello 60 PSI at will.  Make pass after pass at the drag strip?  They barely break a sweat.  Sometimes.

ARP Cummins Head Studs

The truth is, while the Cummins engine is deserving of its legendary reputation, they still break.  Headgaskets blow (especially on 6.7’s), rods do window the block, pistons melt, and blow-by isn't all that uncommon.  And that's why, even though the motor may be the pinnacle of light duty engines, Cummins owners need to protect their investment.  

Cummins Carrillo Rods

Efficient tuning, quality turbo(s), injectors, fuel quality, and hard part upgrades are needed as power is increased.  Don't want to spend s fortune on labor?  You can do almost anything to them in your driveway (maybe everything if you have an engine hoist).  The aftermarket is huge and constantly evolving.  Cummins owners - you are the envy of the diesel performance world.  

But we'd advise keeping an eye over your shoulder.  Duramax and Powerstroke engines are catching up - quickly.  Innovations with tuning, hard parts and new technology are closing that gap.  

ATS Aurora 4000 6.7L Powerstroke 

The Cummins engine may be the champ, but it's going to need to fight to keep the title.

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