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650 HP 6.7L Cummins Build

Posted on 12 July 2015

We get lots of questions from 2007.5-2015 6.7L Cummins owners about building a 650 hp truck.  In fact, it's quite easy to do - with the right parts.  One of the first questions to ask yourself is - will you be towing much, if it all?  The reason to ask this question is to determine your turbo setup.  If you tow minimally, or not at all, there are a ton of single turbo upgrades you can run.  The ATS Aurora 5000 kit, Fleece Performance S468, etc.  Some spool fast, others slower (but with more top end).  If towing is part of your weekly or monthly routine, a compound turbo setup is your best bet.  It provides the low-end spool to get a trailer moving, quick response on the highway and maximum EGT control.  The ATS Aurora Plus 5000 or 7500 kit is the leader in the compound market and available here.

The next step is to strengthen your powertrain.  If you have a G-56 manual transmission, a South Bend Dual Disc clutch is what you need.  The kit will come with the flywheel, hydraulics and clutch kit.  If you have a 68RFE automatic transmission, the Stage 4 ATS 68RFE will hold 650+ hp.  It comes with a billet flexplate, billet input shaft, Five Star converter, controller, deep pan and built transmission.  And a 5 year warranty - with optional labor and shipping coverage.  Hands down, the best warranty in the business.  Visit the Street Diesel Power 68RFE SuperStore for all 68RFE options!

With the air and powertrain decided on, next you'll need to address fueling.  A set of 90-120 hp nozzles, custom tuning and a CP3 upgrade will get your 6.7 right in the 650-700 hp range.  Street Diesel Power recommends Hardway Performance custom EFI-Live and H&S MCC tuning.  They have tuned our own personal trucks and dozens of our customer's rigs.  Dynomite Diesel or Industrial Injection have the injector nozzles handled with excellent quality and fast-shipping of the parts.  For the CP3, we recommend the ATS Twin CP3 kit or Fleece 10mm Stroker CP3.  Sure, it provides more fuel than is needed for 650 hp.  But if you want 800, 900 or 1000 hp in the future, the kit doesn't need to be changed or upgraded.  

Rounding out the modifications are a set of ARP head studs and Hamilton Cam valve springs.  The valve springs will prevent valve float and the head studs help prevent headgasket problems.  These are the key components to making your 6.7L Cummins get to 650+ hp.  Visit the links below to get started on building your 6.7L Cummins:

6.7L Cummins Turbos

Built 68RFE Transmissions

G-56 Transmission and Clutch Kits 

6.7L Cummins Injectors

6.7L Cummins Twin CP3's


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  • David waters: May 28, 2016

    Great simple to understand article on the 650hp Cummins upgrade! I’m looking for some help building a reliable truck and would need some assistance in the ordering process. Thanks

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