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Answers That Matter

Posted on 23 November 2015

When starting to modify a truck, it can be an overwhelming process.  There are magazine articles, forums, social media posts and company pages to find information.  After spending some time researching them, you'll find some useful information - but also be left asking more questions.  Most places won't tell you drawbacks to products or upgrades.  Why?  Because they want a quick, easy sale.  In some cases, they may not even know the drawbacks - because they are simply reading off a marketing sheet.  As a truck owner, you will want to know how upgrades fit together, which should be done in what order and what to expect during installation.  

Street Diesel Power puts this information first.  We are a "for-profit" business - but we don't sacrifice customer service to make a profit.  We want your repeat business.  We want you to tell friends and co-workers about your experience at Street Diesel Power.  To us, that is more important than making a quick buck.  

Customer service - in the industry - has become a catch-phrase.  A trend has emerged that customer service is simply providing a discount code at checkout.  While that is nice, does it really do a service to the customer?  Any company can toss a discount code out there.  But what are they discounting?  Is that part going to fix the problem your truck has?  Will it fit together with the turbo, fueling or powertrain setup on the truck?  If you get the part on a Friday, is anybody available to answer your questions at 9 PM on a Saturday night - or a Sunday at 7 AM?  

Diesel trucks provide a livelihood to many owners.  They help families take vacations and road trips that create memories.  They build homes and businesses.  These trucks, and their owners, deserve sound advice and answers that matter.  Because those answers have very real consequences that impact customer's finances, jobs and personal lives.  

At Street Diesel Power, you will get those answers.  

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