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The Transmission to Never Buy

Posted on 04 January 2016

A common question we are asked is, "What transmission should I buy?"  There are a lot of good choices on the aftermarket to meet any need or budget.  However, the transmission to never buy is a stock or OEM-rebuilt torque converter and transmission.  Why?

Nearly all stock transmissions are inherently flawed.  They are not designed to last much past the powertrain warranty - nor are they engineered to hold aftermarket power.  Over the years, we have talked with dozens (maybe hundreds) of customers who purchased a stock rebuild.  All of them, at some point, come back and tell us they spent $3000-$5000 and its failed.  

By the time we talk with them a second time, they will have spent double or triple the cost of a quality, aftermarket transmission.  In years past, these customers may not have been able to wait for an aftermarket one to be built.  Most dealerships stock OEM transmissions and can quickly get the truck back on the road.  Today, that's not the only option.  Most major aftermarket brands stock their transmissions from coast to coast.  This allows a quality, upgraded transmission to be ready to install in just a few days.

As technology has improved, the cost of aftermarket transmissions has dropped.  In many cases, we can supply aftermarket transmissions cheaper than OEM re-manufactured transmissions from the dealer.  Cheaper price, longer warranty and engineered to hold more power than stock - the aftermarket has caught up.

If you are in the market for a transmission, do not settle for an OEM rebuild from a local dealer.  Call or email us.  We can have a transmission to your install shop within a few days, for a lower price, with better parts.  And in the long run, it costs less than buying the same transmission several times.

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