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Who are you guys?

Street Diesel Power specializes in not just selling products, but helping you make educated decisions on modifying your truck.  Unfortunately, the rest of the diesel industry is not built on this foundation.  We have chosen to focus on specific products with proven performance, warranties and results.  This allows us to accurately tell you what the product will do, how it will perform and what to expect.  As a result, our site is smaller than some of the other big box  stores.  We did this buy design.  Instead of having thousands of products on our site, with an under-experienced phone staff answering the calls, we chose the opposite.

When you contact Street Diesel Power, you are speaking with its Co-Founder who has spent the last 8 years in the industry - at its highest levels.  This experience and know-how is passed along to you to choose the right products, at the right price.  No games, no pushing you into products you don't want.  Just honest answers, stellar customer service and a place you can come back to for your diesel performance needs.

Where are you located?

We are located in Arvada, CO and have distribution centers from coast to coast.  Because of this, we are able to get products to you faster, and cheaper, than the competition.

When will my order arrive?

Most products are in-stock all the time.  Build-to-order products, like transmissions or custom turbo kits, can have 1-2 week lead times.

What is a core charge?

A core charge is a refundable deposit required by manufacturers to ensure factory parts are returned to them.  Many products utilize factory components in a build or product.  The core charge ensures the manufacturer has a steady supply of cores to keep building the product.  Without a core charge, manufacturers would be required to cast, machine or design intricate and complex parts.  This cost would price many products out of the market.

Is there a warranty on parts?

Each part is warrantied by its manufacturer.  In the event a particular product does not carry a warranty, this is noted on their site, literature and installation instructions.  Please contact us to learn more about manufacturer warranties and requirements.

How can I become a dealer?

If you are interested in joining the Street Diesel Power team as an official dealer, please fill out the pre-application here.  We will review your information and contact you to setup a dealer account.  This dealer account will provide discounts on popular products, drop-ship services and technical assistance.

Do you price match?

We not only price match, we price beat.  Email with a copy of a quote on any product we sell.  We will beat that price.  Please ensure the product quoted is correct for your year, make and model.

Do you accept returns?

Returns are accepted and require an RMA number.  To receive an RMA number, contact Street Diesel Power.  Each manufacturer has different re-stocking fees.  They vary between 5%-20%.  This amount is kept by the manufacturer to inspect and re-stock the product.  Your refund would be for the purchase amount, minus shipping (both ways) and the applicable re-stock fee.

Can I get a package deal?

Absolutely!  Visit our Package Deal page and fill out the form. We will reply back with the cheapest price on the parts you selected.

Can I get a catalog?

To offer you the lowest price possible, we have created a website with tons of information, pricing and technical tips.  The best source for product information is our website.  However, some manufacturers will include their specific catalog with their products.

Will I enjoy my shopping experience?

Street Diesel Power guarantees a no-hassle, friendly and informative shopping experience.  If we don't know the answer to your question, we will find out - whether you purchase from us or not.  Sit back, browse our site, and enjoy the best products from leading manufacturers for YOUR specific truck.  

Is it easy to access tracking information for my order?

Once your order ships, Street Diesel Power will automatically email your tracking number to you.  

Is it easy to return a product?

Please contact Street Diesel Power to initiate a return.  We will obtain an RMA number from the manufacturer for you.  With this number, you can return the product for inspection and credit.

How does your online store work?

Street Diesel Power organizes products by make and year of diesel pickup truck.  Next, customers can select specific product categories, such as transmissions or gauges or intercoolers.  In each category, Street Diesel Power lists options and pricing.  After adding a product to your cart, you will proceed to the checkout process.  After filling in this information and making the purchase, your order is processed and payment method charged.  The order is fulfilled by the manufacturer, processed for shipment and sent via USPS, UPS, FedEx or truck freight.  Street Diesel Power will provide the tracking number to you and your order will arrive shortly!

What do I need for an Exhaust brake installation?

All exhaust brake kits ship complete with the wiring, hoses, mounting group and any needed electronics.  

What Dodge torque converter should I use?

Multi-clutch converters provide the longest life and most power transfer on light duty trucks.  The best converter we have come across in our experience is the ATS Five Star Converter.  From stock to over 2000 ft/lbs of torque, this converter has done it all.  For price savings, we also offer the ATS TripleLok and ATS Billet Single Disc converter.

When do I need gauges?

Gauges are needed on stock trucks.  As trucks have gotten more advanced, the Big 3 have recognized the need for owners to monitor engine and transmission vitals.  The problem is, they stop short of a full set of diagnostic gauges.  Some will have engine and boost gauges, but usually leave out EGT's, rail pressure, fuel pressure and other key vitals.  As a truck is modified, monitoring these signs becomes even more important to avoid engine, turbo or transmission damage.

Which Dodge clutch do I need?

In general, a stock to very mild truck simply needs an organic/feramic clutch kit with upgraded hydraulics.  Once power reaches 500 hp, we are firm believers in dual disc clutches with various pressure plates to remain reliable under increased torque and towing weight.

Why do I need to upgrade the exhaust?

Stock exhausts are designed to be quiet, cheap and support stock power.  As power is added to the motor, stock exhaust systems fail to quickly evacuate the gases and heat can become an issue.  Aftermarket exhaust systems are offered in aluminized and stainless steel, as well as in larger diameters.  This increased diameter helps lower EGT's and support higher power levels.

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