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  • BD-Power 5R110 Exchange Transmission


BD-Power 5R110 Exchange Transmission



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To some it is a challenge to simply disassemble and assemble a Ford transmission. BD's challenge was to examine the mechanical design and study the shift strategy with the goal to improve the durability and driving experience.

The normal smooth shifting associated with Ford transmissions produces heat and advanced wear that severely shortens life. The BD transmission and convertor clutches are mechanically and pneumatically designed not to slip. The new shift strategy change results in "Quick Sharp Shifts."

Enhancements to achieve this include new control valve designs, higher pressures as well as improved internal oil flow enhancements of the existing port sizes. Additional oil passages have been added to route the oil to assist the current Ford splash lubrication design.

Torque load capacity was improved by adding 33% more clutch surface to each of the 4 clutch packs. The planetary gear packs are special high strength steel and the new heavy duty roller one way Sprague clutches maintain directional stability and don’t explode.

Each transmissions shift pattern and oil pressures are tested on our Transmission Dynamometer then matched to a torque convertor and packaged in durable plastic molded cases for shipping.

Installation and warranty service is available at BD Diamond Installation centers throughout North America.

Torque convertors are not included in the kit price but the deep sump cover is!
NEW WARRANTY: 36-month / 150,000 mile parts & 12-month / 24,000 mile labour on non competitive, racing or sled-pulling applications.  See warranty statement for further details

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